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Dale Alton

You may not be ready to sell your business “right now”, but that is the best time to get ready.

Dale holds a CMSSB designation (Certified Mainstream Business Broker) targeting businesses selling from $100,000 – $3M+. You can contact him to access the Sunbelt’s Mergers and Acquisitions Division which focuses on larger transaction with more complex needs.

Minimize the disruption and time related to transferring business ownership. The Sunbelt process includes a pricing evaluation, comprehensive planning, experienced negotiation, due diligence and a smoother transition when you buy or sell a business. Dale works closely with your professional advisors and has access to a team of experienced advisors in the areas of taxation, valuation, legal and estate planning that he brings to client’s conversations to ensure a holistic approach is taken in the buy/sell process.

Dale has been a business owner, and has consulting or managerial experience in a variety of business sectors including: agriculture, automotive, aviation, communications, consulting, healthcare, life and accident insurance, manufacturing, technology and tourism. His post-secondary education includes business management, rehabilitation services and equine studies.

With 15 years’ in business development, administration, sales and marketing, he has extensive experience creating and executing business-plans, business operations and market analysis. He provides an in-depth knowledge of strategic analysis, business principles and consumer behavior.

As a district manager for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Dale served 5 years in contact with over 500 business owners. The writing is on the wall; small and medium sized business owners are selling their businesses and it is getting more competitive!

“The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost

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