Aldrin Raphael Fernandes
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  • Canada, Ontario, Mississauga, Ambler Drive 5800

Aldrin Raphael Fernandes

Aldrin Fernandes said his experience as an immigrant, who went through the process of buying and selling companies since coming to Canada, combined with his marketing and accounting background, led him to create a boutique business brokerage. “At ARBB, we want to get deals done—the right deals. We are a matchmaking service between sellers and buyers, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” says Fernandes. “Both our buyer and seller clients can be assured that we are truly trying to find the right partners to deliver win-win situations for both parties. We had a great year in 2016, but stay tuned because we’ve got some amazing changes coming that will allow us to serve our clients better and more efficiently.”

Aldrin was recently honoured by the International Business Brokers Association with a Chairman’s Circle Award and the Deal Maker Award for 2016.

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