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Alberta Aggregate Equity Partner Required
Our client is seeking $8.5M in total project capital.

Our client has identified a significant Aggregate prospect opportunity in the central Alberta region, which is well known for its Aggregate pit supply success.

It was confirmed that the other regional pits were at the end of their production shelf life. Our clients have secured the land, permits and experienced Advisors & Partners to create the plan for their Aggregate development and to meet the growing regional demand!
• Footprint spanning 4 quarter sections of land
• 375 mineable development acres
• Prospect development plan has been approved and endorsed by current landowners.

EQUITY INVESTMENT Our client is seeking $8.5M in total project capital.
• $2M for 33% Equity Stake
• $6.5M Shareholder Loan @ 7% interest rate *INVESTOR NOTE: Strategic Investors who have existing equipment for utilization at the development and / or the ability to initially debt finance the equipment, can reduce the start-up equipment capital requirement and the Shareholder Loan ($6.5M).

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$ 8,500,000 (CAD)
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