Whether you are an existing dry cleaner looking to rapidly expand online, or are an entrepreneur searching for a business that is ready for explosive growth, this is YOUR chance to WIN.

The co-founders have been running this business as a "side-hustle" for more than 2.5 years, slowly improving the platform while building a strong online presence and reputation.

As of today, this platform is comprised of a user-facing website that is professionally designed, mobile-friendly, and easy to use in order to deliver a superior dry cleaning experience for customers. As well as a suit of "administrative tools" that will enable the new business owner to run operations using as little as a smartphone.

The platform is well positioned to scale, both within the dry cleaning and laundry category as well as outside of this category (website engine could be used to deliver alterations, food, and more with minot modifications). The co-founders have full-time jobs and are unable to dedicate more than a few hours per week to run this business.

About the business:
– Strong brand reputation: top 10 in Toronto across Google and Yelp
– Strong SEO: first or second page on Google for most common searches ($1.5K invested)
– Top-quality facility (if you are not a dry cleaner) with option to switch to cheaper suppliers
– Opportunity to increase prices on most items to further increase margins
– We have built the business to ~$30K revenue / year so that it is almost breaking even

About the platform:
– Professional design by leading agency ($6K invested)
– Intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows users to store multiple addresses
– Fast, responsive, and mobile friendly. Could be easily converted into mobile app

About the technology:
– Online chat support and CRM solution
– Secure integration with payment provide supports most credit/debit cards
– Intuitive order management system to keep track of your orders
– Delivery management software with route optimization, automatic SMS reminders, etc
– Technology developed by professionals over 12 months (more than $50K invested)

About our growth engine:
– Fully configured automated emails for customers (pre-written for you!)
– Fully configured Google Tag Manager, Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc
– B2B emails for specific target clients (pre-written for you)
– Chat bot for website visitors (pre-configured for you)
– Automated SMS reminders

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$ 50,000 (CAD)
Sector: Technology & Media

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